At The Innovation School, we are experts in helping international schools and academies to incubate, grow and promote a culture of innovation from concept design through to creating the right conditions for promoting exceptional learning outcomes for students.  



Education leaders across the world are seeking to innovate their education systems, and school leaders, owners and governors are continually striving to improve the educational outcomes their students achieve in order to remain competitive in a fast converging and highly complex global economy.



We work with individual schools to take them on a journey of innovation learning, and our consultancy takes a school from inception and incubation of innovation (idea germination) in conceptualizing the school model, system and infrastructure through to implementing a truly embedded culture of innovation whereby leaders, teachers and students are inspired and nurtured to be global innovators and entrepreneurs.



Our specialist professional learning and development programmes include: 



  • Innovative leadership: creating a culture of innovation

  • Innovative teaching and learning  

  • Curriculum Innovation  

  • Infrastructure: creating the school of the future  

  • Innovation in teaching, learning and assessment

  • Developing innovative mindsets, thinkers and learners 

  • The innovative student




We can visit your school to help you to produce a self-study / audit of your school and the extent to which it is promoting a culture of innovation, with a supportive plan to help you to put in place the necessary strategies for incubating, growing and nurturing a culture of innovation.  



Our innovation experts coach and empower you to become innovation leaders very quickly, and provide you with the skills and techniques for proactively promoting a culture of innovation in your school.



We help you every step of the way until you are truly recognised as being an innovative school. To find out more, or to book an Innovation Audit / Self-Study, please contact us or email: