It is with great pleasure our partners, The Innovation School delivered the first ever ‘Innovation in Learning’ at Sama American School in Sharjah, UAE, to over 60 boys aged 14 to 17 Commissioned by Jumana Shehadeh, Vice Principal, the aim of the workshop was to expose the boys to new ways of thinking and learning, to unlock their creative and innovative talent and potential.















In line with the UAE Vision 2021, which aspires to deliver world-class and first-rate education for all students in the UAE, The Innovation School provided students their first opportunity to learn ‘how’ to innovate, using a range of powerful and fun tools and techniques to generate new and innovative ideas to a wide range of problems, situations and dilemmas they might have in their learning, and in life.


Mrs Jumana said; “It’s immensely inspiring and thrilling how students using ‘Innovation Heroes’, ‘Animal’ and ‘5 Whys’, are able to generate a wide array of ideas, create their own vision and aspirations of their school in the future and reflect on the significance of having a greater voice towards the journey of school development .”


A student commented; “Meeting the Innovation School today has unleashed ideas in my mind I could never believe to have existed, and by now I have known the right way by which I make ideas more innovative by testing and prototyping them.”


Another student said; “What I liked most was the ‘Animal technique’ where I had the chance to draw a picture of my school as a bee non-stoppingly producing honey, or a dolphin, smart and insightful, or a blue whale, bigger than any challenge which has made me, along with my friends, closer to it .”


Mr Alan Ward, Senior Partner of The Innovation School, and international expert in innovation, was delighted with the response from the students; “What was particularly outstanding was the clever ways in which the boys creatively engaged in generating some fantastic new ideas, expressing very confidently and articulately the features of a ‘school of the future’, using some very abstract thinking.”


Mr Hassan Sabbah, Director General and Principal at Sama American School, said; “Sama American School is delighted to be working in partnership with to develop an innovation culture in learning, teaching, curriculum and leadership as their full commitment and dedication to the UAE Vision 2021.”


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