We will work with you to take you on an innovation learning journey, and our innovation specialists will nurture, develop and support you from inception and incubation of innovation (idea germination) in conceptualizing a school model, system and infrastructure for innovation through to implementing a truly embedded culture of innovation whereby leaders, teachers and students are inspired and nurtured to be global innovators, world class learners and even entrepreneurs.



You will have access to over 30 years of world class innovation expertise and global research into what constitutes the very best ideas and practices found in education systems and schools across the globe.



Innovation in Schools includes a range of professional learning and leadership development programmes to supplement your self-study and audit, including:



  • Innovation in school leadership and governance

  • Innovation in teaching

  • Innovation in learning

  • Creating the school of the future

  • Designing your innovative future – from concept to realisation



Our experts will visit your school to coach and empower your leaders, owners, governors, teachers and students to become innovative very quickly. We will work alongside you to co-create a self-study/audit of the current innovation found in your school and the extent to which it is promoting a culture of innovation, with a supportive development plan to help you to put in place the necessary strategies for incubating, growing, nurturing, promoting and celebrating a culture of innovation.



For the best results we recommend that this service incorporate our Living Innovation Diagnostic so that can we gain clarity of the levels of Innovation within your school at every level, this process can even include students.



To find out more, or to book an Innovation Audit / Self-Study, please contact us or email: