Here at The Innovation School, we recognize that successful innovation is a continuous process driven by effective behaviour supported with sound knowledge.  We also recognize that developing effective behaviour and sound knowledge is a continuous learning process.  Successful innovators therefore need continuous access to innovation learning.  




To provide access to good quality innovation learning, The Innovation School has partnered with Marshall Gurney Institute, the unique, web-based management college.  Marshall Gurney Institute provides a full range of self-study and accredited business and organizational management programmes which are available on a 24/7 basis via every internet access point on desktops, laptops, tablets or smartphones.



Working in partnership with Marshall Gurney Institute, the Innovation School is able to offer a range of self-study and accredited programmes on Innovation aimed at providing awareness of the innovation process through to developing the high level of knowledge and skill needed to be a successful individual innovator or a successfully innovative organization.



All studies are undertaken online with or without tutor support, according to need, and are available through purchase of a simple, low cost, individual access licence.  Site licences are also available.



For further information or to enrol, go to www.marshallgurneyinstitute.com/innovation.