We offer a range of services designed to equip individuals, teams and the organisations with the knowledge and tools they need to become systematic and consistently successful innovators. We work with clients from a variety of sectors - both private and public.  



Innovation can be R&D for the whole business. It is well known that in organisations where a process has been in place for more than six months is likely to exhibit 20% inefficiency. Research demonstrates that in a service business inefficiency can rise to 40%. We can help with:



  • Increasing efficiency and effectiveness

  • Internal and external process improvement

  • Culture change

  • Ideas for new products and services

  • Improvement to existing products and services



A disciplined approach to development always gets a better solution than a routine exchange of solutions based on experience and instinct. A whole business Innovation strategy and planning will deliver measurable results.



If you truly want to embed innovation practice in your organisation you will need a strategy. Workshops alone will not do it. And your strategy needs to address the innovation proficiency of your people - moving from where they are to where they need to be. Contact us to find out more.