Beam Innovation Workshops

Sharjah - December 2016

The Innovation School is proud to be delivering Innovation workshops as part of the BEAM Schools’ ‘Tanmeyah’ professional learning and development programme in the UAE for over 800 leaders, teachers and support staff delivered in dual English and Arabic languages. We are excited to be part of this truly landmark event taking place from 18 to 22 December 2016. Tanmeyah is the Arabic word for growth, learning, development and happiness.


Managing Director, John Cornbill, will join Senior Partner Alan Ward in travelling to the UAE for the event, and both view delivering services to the Beam Schools, through Bukhatir Training and Development (BTD) as a great honour and privilege. They will be travelling to the UAE to present to delegates from the 3 Creative Science Schools in Sharjah.


John Cornbill said “We are impressed with the visionary approach taken by the UAE, in support of their UAE Vision 2021, to the practical application and embedding of innovation and an innovation culture, and we look forward to making our contribution to the brilliant education initiatives which are already underway, Tanmeyah is just one example of this”. 


Beam (Bukhatir Educational Advancement Management) International is very established in the UAE for its unique vision for education, and its exceptional operational excellence in managing the British K-13 and American K-12 curriculum schools; the International Schools of Creative Science and the American Schools of Creative Science. The Innovation School is delighted to be invited to be part of the Tanmeyah success story.