The Innovation School is now doing a weekly Podcast, Innovation Weekly is your short and to the point guide to becoming more innovative every day. We simplify confusing concepts and give you tools and techniques you can apply at work or at home. Join us every Wednesday for the most Innovative coffee break on the web, simply click the 'Download on iTunes' button below to get our latest episodes.














Do you want to really understand how to make Innovation happen? We offer an exciting range of interactive workshops which introduce people to what they really need to know about Innovation, and allow direct experience of our proven tools and techniques, so that you can put them into practice yourself.



Are you facing a significant challenge which has left you stumped? We can help take the strain by providing hands on support to develop options, or work directly with you to find a solution.




A decade of direct experience handling Innovation in both public and private sectors has shown us that Innovation is a concept which almost everyone understands, and almost no one understands! What people think they know about Innovation and what they do not know can both be major obstacles to making Innovation happen.  We have helped thousands of individuals with that learning and unlearning. To really embed Innovation in an organisation, individuals, teams and senior managers need to build what we call Innovation Literacy.  To make Innovation happen people just need some basic equipment – a discrete set of knowledge and skills. Equipped with these tools, it is perfectly possible for any individual or team to create break-through initiatives. All you need is a certain level of proficiency around Innovation.



Here are just some examples of the issues we've used Innovation tools and techniques to solve:



  • Helping organisations achieve and exceed their contracted quality scores/KPIs

  • Using Innovation as a component of enterprise and business start-up programmes

  • Finding better ways to connect to the disadvantaged

  • Uncovering new approaches for the more efficient use of available resources

  • Improving ways to engage with businesses

  • Addressing income and revenue generation challenges

  • Creating more for less